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What is my Life Purpose? » 2012 » June

Why I love Joel Madden and my ex-mother-in-law!

June 16, 2012(0) Comment

I am not a musician.
I have never been a groupie of Good Charlotte.
I have never gone to one of their gigs, nor do I have one of their CD’s.
But, I love the essence of Joel!


This is a recent awareness. It has come through watching The Voice. Joel is one of the mentors.

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Getting the Love Back

June 15, 2012(0) Comment

These days, when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is smile. I open my eyes and slowly gaze around me—at my room, the light filtering in the window, this beautiful world we have been given to live in. And I smile.


Then I think for a moment about what kinds of adventure, what small, surprising moments of joy this day will bring. And I get up, excited to face the day. I look forward to every moment of the day that is coming.

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