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What is my Life Purpose? » 2013 » January

She asked : “How Can I be Happy?”

January 27, 2013(0) Comment

Hmm! An interesting question with many ways to answer her.


My friend, Sally, seemed to be at a loss as to where she was at in her life. She didn’t seem happy, nor did she know exactly what happiness is. She just wanted things to be different from where she was at. Now my dilemma was to help her understand her position, her perception of the world and why this ‘particular view’ of the world was keeping her at this stuck state in her life.


I asked Sally: “What do you think ‘happiness” is? Would you be able to know when you had arrived? Is it a permanent state? Can you please give me an example of someone else who you think is ‘happy’ and let me know what and how you want to be?”


Sally thought about this for a while and got back to me…

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