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What is my Life Purpose? » 2014 » July

The Top Seven Tips to Abundance

July 30, 2014(0) Comment

When people think of abundance they generally think only of financial abundance. Yet abundance comes in many forms from feeling happy and content most of the time to being emotionally free, to being stress free to having wonderful relationships. When one thinks of financial abundance it opens up a whole world of access to lots of material things and experiences that we might wish to have. The trick is, after you have some of these things, to be able to continue to feel that state of abundance.


Financial abundance generally means freedom from or freedom to do whatever we want and when. For many it means cutting our ties to our boss and the many others in our lives who seem to have some kind of control over us, whether it be financial or otherwise. It is about having more choices. In essence, we want to feel the value of freedom in our lives and live more expansively.

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There Really Are Only Five Top Weight Loss Tips

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When we think of weight loss we automatically think of dieting, scarcity of food, denial and panic that we will starve, not have enough or be deprived in some way. We will be constantly thinking of food and feel that we will go hungry always  thinking of the next meal and what we can and cannot eat.


In fact all of this is actually true. Dieting automatically focuses all of our attention on the negative, scarcity or lack. This deprivation and feelings of lack and scarcity are the very things that drive our incessant hunger or cravings. When we ‘go on a diet’ or even mention the word ‘dieting’ to our bodies we instantly go into survival mode. This mode is part of the stress response trigger of flight or flight. Hunter gatherers’ typical response would have been: ‘I am under threat here. I am being deprived of food. I do not know when I will get any food again. Therefore I will store all of the food that I eat as fat for later on’.

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The Five Top Tips on How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress

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Stress is a very complex combination of triggers and events that upset the mental, physical, mental and spiritual aspect of a person. People respond differently depending on their state of mind at the time.

There is a plethora of tips and strategies that one can tune into in order to be able to cope with stress on a superficial level. However, the real help lies within the old adage of Alcoholics Anonymous:

“Change what you can change,

don’t try to change what you can’t, and

have the wisdom to know the difference.”

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5 Top Tips on How to Find Lasting Love

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~ Based on the Universal Laws of Attraction

The interesting thing about everything we have or do not have in our lives, our abundance or our lack can be examined from two perspectives: the logical or the esoteric.

If we look at our relationships, or lack thereof, from the perspective of the universal laws of attraction, then everything that we have in our lives is exactly as it should be because we have attracted this abundance or lack on some level. Simply stated, whatever vibration we are signalling to the world, the world will send us someone or something to match that vibration. The question then becomes: how can I vibrate at a different level in order to attract what I want?

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