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What is my Life Purpose? » 5 Top Tips on How to Find Lasting Love

5 Top Tips on How to Find Lasting Love

July 30, 2014

~ Based on the Universal Laws of Attraction

The interesting thing about everything we have or do not have in our lives, our abundance or our lack can be examined from two perspectives: the logical or the esoteric.

If we look at our relationships, or lack thereof, from the perspective of the universal laws of attraction, then everything that we have in our lives is exactly as it should be because we have attracted this abundance or lack on some level. Simply stated, whatever vibration we are signalling to the world, the world will send us someone or something to match that vibration. The question then becomes: how can I vibrate at a different level in order to attract what I want?


Let’s look at the top 5 tips on how to find lasting love from a more balanced perspective.


Tip 1: Make searching for a relationship one of your priorities or activities, not the only thing you focus on. From a logical point of view how one achieves a goal is by focusing on it almost to the exclusion of other activities. However, from an esoteric point of view you could be missing out on or ignoring or appreciating what you already have in your life. Appreciation and gratitude for what you already have can be a way of attracting more good into your life.


Tip 2: Instant may be in, however, paying the piper for lust attraction can be painful and demeaning. It takes time to get to know someone. “Instant” fulfils neither logical reasoning nor esoteric belief. The problem with “instant” is that you can fall foul of the ‘he/she completes me’ syndrome. For a lasting love relationship ideally it works best when two whole people come together, rather than one of the partners lacking in some essential element.


Tip 3: Lasting love relationships are based on what you have in common. Commonalities are things such as: values, ideals, goals for the relationship, similar ideas about family, finance, children, ambitions both individually and for the relationship. Too often, “instant” as above, leads to the physical rather than those qualities that make for a solid foundation of a lasting relationship.


Tip 4: Relationships need to be fun! Too often when corporate women become settled in their careers, having taken some time to become established and they have aspired to and have achieved one of these and one of those, and then they decide they now need one of those, a relationship, a mate, they go about it as though it is a corporate bonding session or a business development assessment.


Relationships take on different routes, have very different outcomes and can succeed or fail depending on traits that may not even surface in the initial business plan. So, do, change tack and make dating fun!


Tip 5: Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have!

Clean up your own life first. As stated initially, you attract what you put out, or people who are on the same radio signal. If you have not had suitable role models for intimate relationships take stock, look at your behaviour and make a decision to get help and change this so that you can attract what you truly desire. When you work on yourself you will realise that it is not him/her. It’s all about you!


It doesn’t matter how many relationship tips one receives, in essence, the only one that really matters is the one based on the law of attraction. If you are attracting the wrong person it is because you are sending out those signals. You can change those signals when you make a decision to change your behaviour and the belief patterns that are running your  relationship patterns.


From the Heart,

Celine Healy

Celine Healy
The Life Path Counsellor and Coach

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