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What is my Life Purpose? » The Top Seven Tips to Abundance

The Top Seven Tips to Abundance

July 30, 2014

When people think of abundance they generally think only of financial abundance. Yet abundance comes in many forms from feeling happy and content most of the time to being emotionally free, to being stress free to having wonderful relationships. When one thinks of financial abundance it opens up a whole world of access to lots of material things and experiences that we might wish to have. The trick is, after you have some of these things, to be able to continue to feel that state of abundance.


Financial abundance generally means freedom from or freedom to do whatever we want and when. For many it means cutting our ties to our boss and the many others in our lives who seem to have some kind of control over us, whether it be financial or otherwise. It is about having more choices. In essence, we want to feel the value of freedom in our lives and live more expansively.


The key for ‘learner abundance’ is to see if we can obtain this feeling of freedom when we are not yet financially abundant, but that it is a goal that we have set for ourselves. What steps can we take to set us on the path of financial abundance, and help keep us on track whilst waiting to break free, either in a new path? Or, if all else fails, win the lottery.


I am sure you have heard of the book titled “Think And Grow Rich”. It has been a classic for many abundance seekers over the decades. The fundamental message is just that: recreate your life to one of abundance via thinking yourself rich. Seems implausible! However, even though this book is olde worlde, the message is still the same in modern days. You have to imagine what you want and go about your daily life as if you already have manifested the things you want. Now this can seem impossible for some, and easy for others.


To get to that place you need to retrain your brain and your consciousness. You need to adopt daily habits that will eventually turn into gold. Here are the seven steps to financial abundance to help you do just that.


Tip 1: You need to adopt an attitude of appreciation for everything that comes into your life and for what you have already manifested. These need not be large things. They could be: I feel grateful for the house I live in. I appreciate the friends I have in my life. I am grateful for the food I eat every day. I appreciate the clothes I have, and so on. This exercise is about changing a scarcity mentality to one that is open to receiving more. Because you really appreciate what you have and the universe will send you more.


Tip 2: This step is about cleaning up your life, step-by-step. De-clutter and get organised. You will start to feel abundant when things around you are in order. Tidy up your wardrobe. Give those clothes to a charity, the ones you never wear. Tidy the kitchen cupboards, have your house cleaned, clean up your in-box, file away loose papers. These actions will help you feel more in charge of your life. You will gain more control.


Tip 3: Next write out some small goals that you want to achieve. You could, from Tip 2 above, break down each area of your house into segments and have small goals about each section. You could have a goal of de-cluttering one cupboard first. The next step is to celebrate as you go. The make another small goal. As you achieve small goals you will feel more confident about tackling larger goals such as: health, relationships career and so on.


Tip 4: Start a small savings plan. Now, depending on where you are at in your life and what is available, you could start with $5 per week. As you begin to feel more abundant this could increase t o perhaps $10 per week. You will notice that you will find other amounts that begin to free up for saving. This is not about the amount. It is about a habit that will increase your expansiveness and get you to feeling abundant more quickly.


Tip 5: The feeling of being financially abundant can also come from giving away some of your dollars, either by way of small donations to a charity, or by donating your time. The act of giving will instantly increase your feelings of abundance, especially when you do not have much to give. Giving is a way of reducing feelings of lack or scarcity instantly.


Tip 6: When paying your bills make a conscious effort to thank and appreciate the provider of the service or product for all of the benefits you have derived from the goods or services. Thank you for providing the gas heating for my house so that I could feel warm and comfy in my home.


Tip 7: If you are struggling to adopt any of the above and overcome feelings of scarcity and lack, then therapy is highly recommended. Releasing any negative feelings around financial abundance on any level will help improve your feelings of lack of self worth, or not being good enough, or not feeling deserving of abundance.


When you can change your mind, then abundance will flow to you in every area of your life!


From the Heart,

Celine Healy

Celine Healy
The Life Path Counsellor and Coach

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