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What is my Life Purpose? » There Really Are Only Five Top Weight Loss Tips

There Really Are Only Five Top Weight Loss Tips

July 30, 2014

When we think of weight loss we automatically think of dieting, scarcity of food, denial and panic that we will starve, not have enough or be deprived in some way. We will be constantly thinking of food and feel that we will go hungry always  thinking of the next meal and what we can and cannot eat.


In fact all of this is actually true. Dieting automatically focuses all of our attention on the negative, scarcity or lack. This deprivation and feelings of lack and scarcity are the very things that drive our incessant hunger or cravings. When we ‘go on a diet’ or even mention the word ‘dieting’ to our bodies we instantly go into survival mode. This mode is part of the stress response trigger of flight or flight. Hunter gatherers’ typical response would have been: ‘I am under threat here. I am being deprived of food. I do not know when I will get any food again. Therefore I will store all of the food that I eat as fat for later on’.


Dieting sets us up to fail. It sets off the fat response. If our bodies do not feel safe to be thin then no amount of dieting is going to help us lose the weight. So, the real question that we need to be asking before we embark on a healthier lifestyle is: ’What can I do to make myself overcome the flight/fight fat response mode and make my body feel safe enough to allow me to shed the fat easily and effortlessly?’


This is the premise to these top five weight loss tips. If our bodies do not feel safe to allow us to lose the weight then we need to do something about that.


The five areas revolve around these topics: hydration, relaxation, nutrients, emotional stress release and achievement of goal via visualisation. The first three: hydration, relaxation and nutrients all revolve around what is missing from your lifestyle eating plan. Whereas the last two: emotional stress release and visualisation revolve around taking action in order to be able to achieve the first three more easily.


1. Hydration


We simply cannot survive without water. Our cells need water to transport nutrients into and out of their system. Our cells need water to be able to speak to one another and send information that helps keep us healthy and well. If we do not have sufficient water in our bodies the electrolytes that are needed for this communication process will not be able to function correctly and we get distorted messages.  If we are getting distorted messages then the cells cannot efficiently function and do their job.


2. Relaxation


Because of the fact that our bodies are under constant stress from internal and external triggers, our autonomic nervous system thinks that we are under constant threat. When stress is affecting us daily and we are not effectively handling it, then our flight/flight mechanism is on open. This means that our bodies are being constantly flooded with chemicals from the stress reactions. When this happens we tend to become tense and hence our muscles, organs and tissues become tight and are not doing their job effectively. Tense muscles lead to tension or constriction, and hence lead to the blood flow and our life force being blocked. This happens within every system within the body right down to cell level. If your body is tense then your cells are tense and this means that the walls of the cells become impervious to receiving nutrients and transporting waste from within. This can lead to illness and disease.


3. Nutrients


If you are overweight then you are literally starving for the correct nutrients your body needs to function efficiently. You simply are not getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals to nurture your body back to health. So, rather than depriving yourself of food and going on a “diet”, what you need to do is to ADD the correct nutrients. There is no calorie counting or having low-fat and no chocolate cake. When you begin to FEED your body the nutrients it needs then your body will start to crave more healthy food naturally.


4. Emotional stress release


People who are overweight are starving on a number of levels. They could be starving mentally for more fun, joy or happiness in their lives because they have forgotten to get back to that which makes their hearts sing. They could be starving because they have a fear of scarcity, of money, friends, or resources. If this is the case then your body will interpret this scarcity or lack as not enough food and therefore your primitive body/mind will go into famine mode and commence to store food by turning on the fat programs.

In order to overcome these kinds of scarcity thinking the best solution would be to engage in some kind of emotional release work to rid yourself of these dysfunctional beliefs that are holding you in your fat programs. Your fat programs are designed to keep you safe. If you do not feel safe you simply will not be able to lose weight no matter what you do.


5. Visualisation


Instead of making specific ideal weight goals the simplest way to achieve your target is to cut out a picture of your ideal body and do some visualisation exercises for a few minutes every night before you go to sleep. Instead of putting yourself under enormous pressure to achieve a certain weight, if your body has a picture of what you want repeatedly placed before it every night and morning, then it will eventually get the idea that that is what you want.


Seriously, if you do not get these right then you will automatically set yourself up to fail.


From the Heart,

Celine Healy

Celine Healy
The Life Path Counsellor and Coach

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