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What is my Life Purpose? » foreword




Wow! In this inspiring, easy-to-follow book, Actually, It’s About Love, Celine Healy captures the essence of how to live a rich and meaningful life. Hers is a no-nonsense approach to finding your true Life Path and getting on the fast track to living the life you deserve, NOW—not some distant time in the future.


Using real examples from her own life, Celine bravely identifies the obstacles and frustrations so many people encounter trying to find their place in the world. I love the way Celine uses the experience of making her movie, The Rip-Off, as the concrete framework to show how the five steps all fit together. She also incorporates practical daily tools and techniques that will help you get your goals in focus and
achieve them effortlessly. Actually, It’s About Love cuts to the heart of the matter, giving you a clear blueprint for finding the direction you need—and FAST!


As an Innovator, Celine uses her natural talents to bring together some of the best ideas in the self- development world. She clearly demonstrates how the Wealth Dynamics profiling system can work together with the Kolbe A Index to give you profound insight into your natural talents base. At this level, you experience a deep sense of validation, and that’s a powerful place to come from. Having this knowledge will put you on the path of least resistance—and hence, your best and most effortless path—to attracting both inner and outer wealth.


The most remarkable thing about Celine’s book is the unique way she has collated so many different ideas into one cohesive whole—delivering you, the reader, a complete toolbox for success. Once you have discovered your Life Path and natural talents base, Celine shows you how to use this information to your best advantage. She offers concrete, real-world tips on how to set the goals that are most appropriate to you, and outlines the goal setting strategies from my bestselling book, Double Your Income Doing What You Love.


If you want to fast track your progress to happiness, passion and success, Celine shows you how from beginning to end. With her daily tools and techniques, you’ll be able to stay focused and clear away any negativity that detracts from your attractiveness factor. From establishing a foundation, to discovering your true talents and setting goals, to maintaining a daily state of joy and abundance—Actually, It’s
About Love has what you need to turbo-charge your path to success.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience real wealth, both inner and outer. If you are ready to live the life you deserve, now!—don’t hesitate to read this book. You’ll be inspired to become the person that you know is inside you—your best and happiest self. Who knows? Maybe we will even hear about your success firsthand once you’ve taken the up the challenge of Actually, It’s About Love!




Raymond Aaron
New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author