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Buy the downloadable EBook (pdf, epub, mobi/kindle format) or Buy it in Print

To buy the downloadable EBook version of Actually, It’s About Love, directly from this site, click below on the PayPal Buy Now button.
It can be read on your computer, on a Kindle, a Nook, iPad, other tablet,iPhone, Sony reader or any e-reading device.

Or you can buy the paperback and EBook versions from these retailers:

•    Amazon Kindle

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Actually, It's About Love

This book is guaranteed to save you time, money and energy helping you clarify your identity, find your Life Path and Life Purpose, and your highest values so that you can make the contribution that you would like to make. You’ll be sent immediately to a download page where you can access the downloadable EBook version in pdf, epub and mobi/Kindle formats for any reading device, or for reading on your computer.



The downloadable EBook is $7.99

(EPub, PDF and Mobi/Kindle)

for a PC, Mac, Kindle, Nook, Tablet, Cell Phone, Palm Pilot, etc.

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1. The Life Path Quiz

(The Wealth Dynamics Profiling System) Take this quiz to find the Life Path that is right for you. It is one step closer to clarifying your identity.

Price $97

(Over $696+ of value with bonuses for just $97)


2. The Innate Skills and Abilities Quiz

(The Kolbe A Index)
Take this quiz to discover the natural skills you were born with. Only 5 % of the population will have an exact match.

Price $49.95


3. Complete Your Highest Values Assessment

Once you have taken:

1. The Life Path Quiz, and

2. The Innate Skills and Abilities Quiz, You will be ready to clarify your Highest Values.
This includes: an Analysis of your results in the Quizzes,
in a written Report sent via Email, together with,
a 1 ½ hour Telephone or Face-to-Face Consultation. 3 hours.

Price $297


If you need to contact me for any reason please go to the Contact Page and send me an email.


From the Heart

Celine Healy

Celine Healy
The Life Path Counsellor and Coach