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What is my Life Purpose? » testimonials



avatar“Wow! THE BOOK on finding your identity, reconnecting with your inner self and discovering your true Life Path. A must read.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Top Ten Bestselling author
avatarThe specific 5-Step Blueprint Celine eloquently reveals in this gem of a book has the power to literally transform your life.

If you're ready to live the abundant life that's been waiting for you to claim it, this book isn't just a must-read. It's a must-do.

Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss
best-selling co-authors of "The New Masters of Online Marketing" and creators of Info Renegades: “How To Turn Your Passion Into a Hugely Successful Online Business"
avatarCeline Healy's "Actually, It's About Love" can be a catalyst for real positive change in your life. It guides you through a simple step by step process combined with easy-to-use, yet powerful, life-transformational tools in the form of daily techniques. It contains the key to having a life of success and fulfilment, a bi-directional key, for inner and outer success and fulfilment.

Andrew Lewis
International EFT trainer www.emofree.com.au
avatar"I love a book with lots of heart and inspiration. Celine Healy's book, Actually It's About Love delivers that in spades and more. This book is fun to read with a passionate message about you being loved and supported in your life through many paths. It's yours to take.

I look forward to many more great books from Celine."

Asara Lovejoy
Author of The One Command